Research and Tips

There is more great stuff in the works for this section on flight tuning and embellishing the planes.

The opening item looks into some basic questions with a simple plane, and leaves maybe a few things yet to ponder.

A First Look at Dart Flight
Characteristics and Adjustments:
Dart 2 nosedive corrected with Tail Fins

Future Features

Wings & Fuselage Increasing wing area while decreasing the fuselage can improve glide angle and rate of descent. But it can also increase the tendancy to stall & fly squirrely. Tradeoffs and remedies are considered.

Tail Fins They look so cool but can they improve flight characteristics? Here are some styles and an increasing inventory of anecdotal reports.

Up Flaps Nearly every plane needs some adjustment to avoid nosediving, stalling, or veering to one side. For flight stability and convenience of adjustment a design with slight inherent nosedive is easily compensated by bending "up flap" on the trailing wing edges.

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