Feedback about any aspect of the designs or website is welcome. Were you able to make the planes? Any results or observations when flying them? Is the browsing system working out for you? Any font or background color problems? Are the images adequately clear?

For now I'd rather not get details about other new original paper airplane designs, so as to continue my developmental process without much outside influence. (Other designers please take this as a compliment, as I know there are some very creative people out there). A general description or flight test results of paper or other aircraft is welcome. It's ok to send links to sites with new original paper airplane designs but I may not check into them right away. Info and links about math, science, aerodynamics, aviation, etc are welcome.

Posting of viewer input is something I might do in the future depending on what comes in. Be assured that I will never post any information you send unless you specifically allow it.

I will post announcements of paper airplane contests or conferences anywhere in the world if I can validate the information with the contact given for the posting.

I do not guarantee to respond to messages where no transaction is involved, but in any case if you do wish a response please indicate so and include your e-mail address.

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