Usage Agreement's copyright images, text, and 3-D forms
may be copied and used only in accordance with this page.
Permissions and limitations on uses and publications
Use for educational and recreational purposes by you or your group is generally permitted. Printing for these purposes may be done by limited production methods such as inkjet, laser printer, or photocopy, but not by mass production techniques such as lithography.
Publication and commercial use exceeding that stated below is only allowed as specifically authorized by, for which a moderate licencing fee will typically be required.
Details of publication and commercial use
Pictures of the completed K-19, K-20, and K-21 forms may be published only for purposes of discussion. A small sampling of the intermediate forms may be published for discussion or in presentation of a derivative work. Such depictions of copyright 3-D forms must be labelled as originating from (for example "Design:" or "Copyright"). Substantial portions of the collection of intermediate 3-D forms or accompanying text may only be published with specific authorization. The fold plots or their close derivatives may only be published with specific authorization. Peripheral 3-D forms including wingtip fin designs and the Dart E-1 fuselage enhancement may be depicted in publication provided that their origin is indicated. Images and text from may be used in publication in accordance with the above limitations.

Distribution of primary 3-D forms (the K-19, K-20, and K-21) or depictions thereof for commercial purposes may only be done with specific authorization. Publically distributed primary 3-D forms (the copyright airplanes) must be labelled to indicate the design origin as

"Publish" means making publically available or visible in print, electronically, directly, or any other way. "K-19" is used interchangeably with "Sharky", "K-20" with "Moth", and "K-21" with "Dragonfly". "" is a generally known alternative designation of James E. Kendall.

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  About Copyrights
Copyright protection applies in a large number of countries including the U.S. by international treaty. The information I have about the subject comes from the U.S. Copyright Office website and phone contact with them.
One of my first questions about the Copyright rules was, what if someone comes up with a similar design to one of mine without having seen it, or what if one of mine is similar to someone else's? I wasn't sure about that after looking at the website, so I phoned in. The woman who fielded my call answered very definitively that infringement can only occur if a work is copied, and not if a similar work is created independently. Since I've created my designs without seeing any others with much similarity, that eliminates the possibility that I could be infringing on someone else's copyright. As owner of the copyright on my work, I have the exclusive right to authorize the creation of copies and derivative works of my original 3-D forms, images, and text.