Sales Policies

Returns: Items may be returned within 7 days of receiving them, provided that they are sent back in the same condition as received, and that you send an email stating the item(s) returned and refund requested. A refund of's item price(s) will be issued through PayPal within 5 days of receiving the item(s) back.

Fulfillment of orders: If for any reason your order or portion thereof cannot be sent, a full refund of item price(s) and their S&H charges will be issued. In case you don't want only partial fulfillment of an order, please indicate that in the shopping cart when checking out.

Timeliness of fulfillment: Every effort will be made to meet the time frames stated for sending your order. If you have not received it 3 days past the stated time for shipping you can request a refund. If the item(s) haven't been sent when the request is received a refund of all charges will be issued promptly.

Orders over $80.00 will generally be sent only to the PayPal Confirmed Address for first-time customers.

International ordering is available to areas served by PayPal but the S&H cost and time in transit will vary. Please inquire if you wish to place an international order.

Sales e-mail:

Address for returns and other correspondence:
Paper Airplanes
P.O. Box 50998
Los Angeles, CA 90050

About the PayPal System: You can keep multiple credit cards and bank accounts on file in your PayPal account, and select which one to use for a given transaction from a pulldown menu. It saves having to type in your info for every transaction.

PayPal explains itself fairly well on its website, usually best dialed up through the secure connection as The cart window always connects to the PayPal server in secure mode. If you have questions about the PayPal system not clarified on their site I will try to answer them.

PayPal uses cookies, so they must be enabled in your browser to place an order.